Ceramic Ocarina 12-hole with song book

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The Ocarina is an ideal instrument for practicing technique, pronunciation, rhythm, speed development, precision, pitch transition and different musical styles with beautiful and natural sounds.

This is a high-quality kiln ceramic musical instrument in a stylish design, not just a cheap prop or plastic toy.

It is an easy-to-learn instrument, and you can master it in a short time.


- Ocarina color: blue

- Material: Kiln-fired ceramics

- Size approx. 160mm X 100mm X 40mm

- Number of holes: 12 holes

- Pitch: A4-F6, including sharp and flat

- Comes with a white hand rest, to put the ocarina on when not in use

Package Includes:

- 1 Ocarina

- 1 Hand rest

- 1 Manual


  1. Please allow slight colour difference in the photos
  2. Due to manual measurement, the size may be different