Electric Guitar Bundle - Beginner 3/4 Size

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The Rocket Electric Guitar starter pack is perfect for any younger learner who wants their first guitar to include everything they will need to start their musical journey. Being a 3/4 size instrument, this pack is most suitable for players aged 7 to 12 years old.

  • Classic Stratocaster style electric guitar with bundle of accessories
  • Single coil pickups, tone and volume controls
  • Rosewood fretboard with white scratch plate
  • Premium pack includes: 10W amp, tripod stand, capo, strap, tuner, picks, spare strings, cable and whammy bar.
  • Perfect for 8-11 year olds (3/4 size). Ideal for beginners and students.

This guitar adheres to a timeless and classic design, though slightly scaled down to provide comfort to younger players. Having a 22 fret neck and two single coil pickups along with a whammy bar allows for great tonal versatility, ensuring that this is perfect for playing or learning any style. This guitar is supplied in a sleek black finish with a contrasting white pickguard. Supplied with this pack is a 10 watt amplifier which is ideal for home practice, the volume is controlled with a simple volume control, but headphones can be used for silent practice or for when playing later at night. This amp allows you to sculpt your sound with the tone knob which adjusts how bright the sound is. Along with this, there is a switch which activates the Gain knob, this controls the overdriven sound of the amp for a bit more grit on your sound. Also included within this pack is a gigbag for comfortable transportation, a spare set of strings, a capo, a guitar stand to display your instrument when not in use, a guitar strap, some plectrums, a digital tuner and a cable to connect your guitar to the amp.