Acoustic Guitar Bundle - Beginner 3/4 Size

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  • 3/4 size classical guitar pack, perfect for ages 8-12 wanting to learn guitar
  • Includes a bag, spare strings, and a tuner
  • Fitted with nylon strings (bottom three strings are nickel wound nylon) making it easier on the fingers for new players
  • Lovely high gloss finish with pretty rosette design around sound hole
  • Fantastic guitar package for beginners
  • The Classical Guitar Pack from 3rd Avenue is an ideal affordable option for anyone who is learning to play the guitar. The guitar included provides a very easy to use starting point for beginners thanks to the nylon strings that are used. These strings provide low tension which are easier to play than steel alternatives, meaning you can focus on learning rather than struggling against the instrument. This pack includes a handy gigbag, with a backstrap to allow for easy transportation, or to keep the dust off the guitar when not in use. A spare set of strings is also provided which is great for any of those mishaps or just for when the strings get a bit old. Finally, an easy to read digital tuner that clips onto the guitar is also included which makes tuning the instrument much easier. This guitar is supplied in a very attractive and modern gloss black finish.