Face Mask - Camouflage print

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  • Reusable, can be freely installed and removed
  • Effectively inhibits PM2.5, and filters allergens in the air, car exhaust, smoke, pollen, bacteria and other harmful substances, the filtering effect reaches 99%
  • Adjustable Velcro, ergonomic design
  • Exhaust valves installed on both sides of the mask automatically open and close, no air leakage, good filtering effect, not sweltering or foggy
  • Fabric is soft and elastic, anti-fog, shock-proof and warm


  • Brand: BUCKLOS
  • Size: Normal One Size
  • Material: Microfiber, wetsuit fabric
  • Use time: More than two years
  • About the filter: Replace it once every 30 days (if it becomes black or damaged, please replace it in time), frequently used or heavy haze area, depending on the situation
  • About smell: Slight taste is normal, you can take out the filter first and soak in warm water for 15 minutes.
  • Filter activated carbon adsorption principle is not washable 

Installation Notes:

  • Put the mask on the bridge of the nose and chin
  • The back of the mask is fixed with a Velcro
  • A malleable aluminum nose bridge clip is installed on the bridge of the nose, which can be adjusted according to different face shapes and nose shapes of each person, suitable for various face shapes, high density
  • Check if it is suitable. Cover your face with your hands and breathe hard to see if air can flow.
  • Adjust the tightness of the mask by adjusting the Velcro on the back